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About us

Composed of the logistics professionals responsible for getting the confectionery products from the end of the production line (or place of import) to the retailer, the National Confectioners’ Logistics Council, Inc., traces its beginnings to 1945.

Presently, its membership is comprised of the logistics professionals from the confectionery producers and importers and the transportation and warehouse professionals who work with them to move the confectionery and confectionery products to market.

The group meets annually (1) to enable the confectionery shippers to meet at one time with all of the partners of their distribution team; (2) to enable the transportation/warehouse companies to meet at one time with all of their confectionery shipper customers; (3) to enable all of the members to benchmark against similar companies; and (4) to enable all of the members to benefit from timely and
topical educational programs.

Membership is open to all involved in the logistics of confectionery and confectionery products.

For more information, please contact Marty or Margaret below.